Offering you over 20 years of graphic design experience.

With a focus on publishing I can also provide advertising and promotional solutions.


editorial covers

Capturing the attention of your reader with the perfect image and innovative typography is the best way I can get your publication the attention you desire.

editorial layouts

Whatever your content or readership,
I have the ability to communicate
your message with sophisticated and cohesive layouts.

ADVERTISING and promotional

I can work with your vendors to create advertising initiatives that drive consumer dollars. Creating custom pieces to educate and promote your top partners and vendors.

Designing magazines from cover to cover starts with . . . the cover.


Creating an impactful cover is key to garnering attention from your audience, inspiring them to pick up your publication in the first place. Utilizing stock photography or art directing photoshoots, I strive to combine the best images with expert typography. 


No guts, no glory, because it's what's inside that counts.


I have worked with many topics including manufacturing, business to business and sports, providing each title with a unique style that speaks directly to their readership. Collaborating with editors and photographers to create the best layouts possible is key to communicating a clear and cohesive message.


I can make you and your clients look good.


Working with already well developed creative or designing something from scratch, I can provide exciting results with custom pieces that suit your advertiser's needs. Whether it's promoting a new product or event or explaining how to move existing merchandise, I've got this.